Do the Small Thing

Friday, September 15, 2017

"It is the small things we do every day that make the biggest different, not to big things we do every once in a while." I heard someone say this in some Podcast and I agree with it. Here's my experience.

I tried to do the big Spring Cleaning thing but somehow, it never worked for me. I come from a (Brazilian) people who clean often so there's no such thing as Spring Cleaning. Saturday is the big cleaning day but every day we clean and we scrub and we straighten things. I also thought about carefully choosing things that bring me joy and make a big deal out of the whole thing but the whole concept does not agree with me. I decided to do the small thing instead.

Doing the small thing means finishing what I started:
• Washing the dishes.
• Wiping the counters.
• Cleaning the toilets.

It's not about making my home "magazine cover perfect" but simply an enjoyable place.

This morning I noticed my island was filled with papers from school - already. I learned that stuffing them under the island only makes it worse for me in the future.
I also know that my tendency is to keep everything, times 3, times 9 months of paper.
Doing the small thing means taking that small pile and recycling it. I know that the keepsakes will come in time. I also know that I have a special place for that.

What does "doing the small thing" mean in your life? Think about it and take that super small step. It will be worth it. My encouragement to all of us, starting with myself, is to do the small thing. Finish the job you started and remember that one year from now, you will be so glad. You will see that it was those small things that ultimately made the biggest difference.

Do the Small Thing: 
• Decide on small steps that will lead you to your goal towards: a cleaner home, a healthier body, a stronger spirit, deeper relationships.
• Don't judge your Small Thing by the first day you start on your new habit.
• Persevere and wait because results will come.
• You have what it takes my friend.