5 strategies to actually Read the Bible in a Year

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Setting a goal is easy, the follow thru is the tricky part of the process. During my third attempt to read the Bible in a year, I learned a few things about keeping up with this goal. I will also share a few things I learned from people around me who successfully read their Bibles in a Year. 

1. Find a format that works for you. During my first time reading the Bible I used an App. Last year I decided to use the printed Bible itself but I didn't finish reading it. This year I found the Bible In a Year book with the readings separated in the days of the year. I find this format to be easier to use because it cuts down on my time looking for the books as well as the assigned readings themselves. 

2. Measure the Time. I found out that it takes me around 15 minutes per day to complete the readings. Measuring the time allows my brain to further embrace my goal. It also helps me to better think of a time during the day  to accomplish this small step that will lead me to my big goal. 

3. Commit to the Time - I learned the hard way that I need to pick a time during the day or night to read and stick with it. Mornings are the best time of the day for me to accomplish my challenging goals. I'm a morning person too so I think that reading first thing is easy and it does help me the rest of the day. I have a mentor who told me she finds beneficial to read at night so that your mind is set in the right direction before you fall asleep. When I worked in newsrooms I would read during my lunch break. I found it very beneficial to remind my spirit in Whom I believe in the middle of the day. Morning, noon or night,pick a time that works and stick with it. 

4. You catch up by catching up - I think that some of us will get late when the goal is to do something 365 days a year. The key is not to get discouraged by being late but to keep going. The only way to catch up on your reading is by reading. One time I kept going with the required reading for the day and I added the late reading to it. Another time, I went back until I was completely up to date. The key is to simply read. 

5. Do I really have to read? This one is for the people who are not crazy about reading. God created us all different and I'm okay with not all of God's people enjoying reading. I have also been uber busy with life changing three diapers (in 3 kids) while still needing to absorb the Words of Life. I remember playing an Audio Bible while I did my chores. If my issue was lack of peace due to some life circumstance, I turn on Proverbs and I trusted God that my spirit, somehow, would benefit from that. God was indeed faithful to me. Also, faith comes by hearing so be sure to enjoy listening to the Bible whether you or someone else is reading it. 

Reading the Bible in a year can be done. I have tried, failed and I am trying again. 
I know people who get it done in 90 days. One of my teachers told me that if I put in 30 minutes of reading per day, I can read the Bible twice in a year (I might try that next year). 
My goal is not to be a super Bible reader of some sort or be the best expert that will ever live. 
I'm a wife and mother who believes the God of the Bible and who is persuaded to know Him through His own words. 
I encourage you to dread the Bible for yourself. If like me, you're not sure about reading the whole thing, start by reading the gospels. Proverbs is a great book for all ages. Psalms is also good. If you want to dive in and read the Bible, don't wait till January, you can start today. 
One thing is for sure: God will reveal Himself to you and you will know Him better. Let me know how your reading goes and if you decide to take on this beneficial challenge!