The Day my Running Life got Adjusted

Sunday, October 29, 2017

It was exactly a year ago when an ambulance trip adjusted my running life. I finished running an unusually warm half marathon in Houston and 25 minutes later this was my view:
you know I wasn't out of it cause I was taking pictures
Being in that ambulance was surreal but at the same time it was quite the reality check for me. I was dehydrated, I was thankful I didn't pass out and I was determined to adjust my running life. 
The view from the back of an ambulance are epic!
When I finally got to the hospital of my choice, I had to wait in the hallway for a second. That's never fun but the health professionals were super nice and gave me some extra covers. Oh, I was also stinking: I had just finished running a marathon remember? 

No one is ever chilling in an ER. Except for me. Ha ha!
You are probably wondering how I got to arrive at the ER on the first place. I simply did not hydrate well. The day was also warm yet cloudy. In my race review I give you a play by play (read it here) and today I can see how that race changed my approach to running this entire year. 
I had to do it: getting an IV and showing off my bling. 
 Here's how I adjusted my running life:
• I decided to commit to hydrating more aggressively. I thought I was doing a good job until I arrived in the ER.
• I sat in that hospital room and I decided that running is not my priority in life. Running enhances my life and I need to keep it in its place, always.
• I decided to run strictly for fun. I looked back over my life and I decided that encouraging people during a run is way more fun than being competitive. I never run with an ego and I never will. I run for joy and I carry the joy of the Lord with me.
• I haven't signed up to any major races yet. I'm not injured or discouraged (I'm actually feeling pretty amazing). I just decided to take a sabbatical and readjust my priorities. I'm also coming out of a season of job transition with my family. I can't afford any major races. I decided that if God wants me to run any major races He will make a way. And yes, I know there are different ways to get in major races. My priority right now is finishing this transition well and allowing running to be strictly for fun.
• I learned to be satisfied with my running life. The person I am even before I lace up and get out there is amazingly loved and treasured by God. He doesn't expect me to hit a negative split every time or to PR. He proved His love for me through my Savior Jesus and He bought my acceptance on the cross of calvary. All of that makes me satisfied with who I am, where I am. Is there room for improvement in my running life? Sure, yet I decided to enjoy today and let tomorrow worry about its own troubles.

I hope you got a better picture of the happy place God has led me to after that trip to the ER last year. I will continue to run for fun, encourage others and be open to what God is doing all around me.