17 lessons from 2017

Saturday, December 2, 2017

1. Rest is best - resting really makes a world of difference in my life. It has taken years to learn this, but I am finally getting into a rhythm of rest.

2. God is faithful to His Word - we experienced God's faithfulness is multiple areas of life this year. I don't need anyone to convince me that God never fails because I experienced it first-hand.

3. Hurricanes can be worse than expected - many people in our area are still recovering. I'd say that most people are in it to help for the long haul.

4. I am tired of being tolerated - this year it became apparent that in some circles, I was being tolerated, not celebrated. I'm tired of it and I will not carry this burden to 2018. How am I going to do that? The classy way.

5. Some people will never accept my help - I learned that some people do not see themselves as worthy of help because they feel they need to be in charge at all times. I'm okay with that.

6. Family is an indisputable priority - my change of pace at the end of the year really helped me solidify this truth. I'm in a happy place.

7. If people show me who they are, I believe them - I had an intensive course in being belittled and humiliated this year. It was really people showing me who they are. I have learned to believe them. I also choose to remember who I am, no matter where I am. I find peace in this life lesson.

8. A Sister is Reborn - I've seen the rebirth of sisterhood this year. I have connected with sisters who were walking out of grief and tragedy. I find those bonds to be true, transparent and gentle. 

9. Grace for every season - I learned that God has really given us grace for every season of life. I learned this by going through a challenging season. I found a had been given grace to occupy the place God was taking me to and to occupy the transition stage.

10. Jesus will never forsake you but some of His children will - I am totally okay with that. I have also found that while parts of the body of Christ might leave me, others will certainly embrace me. I have learned to forgive and look for that other embrace.

11. Someone can Relate - I used to think that no one could relate to certain challenges I was facing. This year, God sent me real people who had been in my shoes. Their listening ear and comforting words meant the world to me.

12. Just Swim - waiting on God is not meant to be easy. I learned that when we were at our limit, we would pack up the kids and go swimming. It took our minds off uncertainty and it helped us get to daily enjoyment.

13. My organization method - it's been 2 years since I starting using my 45-minute organization solution. I haven't had a major organization problem since. It's mostly due to the fact that I found a method that works and I decided to stick with it.

14. I have time for self-care - I can't give what I don't have, so I made sure to make time for self-care. Even if all I could do was to go out for a 15-minute walk, it was worth the effort.

15. Take care of the little problem before it becomes a giant - If I can be honest, I have a few "little problems." One of them is my weight. I decided to take of it before it becomes a giant problem. I talked to my doctor and I made the necessary adjustments to take care of this little problem before it becomes a giant. I have learned that change starts with self and I will do my part until I reach my goal.

16. Surrendering is a great idea - I interviewed someone who told me that she learned to surrender her problems to God and go on to have a sweet night of sleep. That phrase stuck with me. I have been practicing the same thing. I base my practice in Scripture and I in a practical sense, it has saved my health and well-being.

17. The best investments I will ever make will be deposited in the people who live with me. I'm aware of this fact and I am in awe of it too.

• What did you learn this year thus far?

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