Holiday Survival Tips

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

If you feel like your head is spinning you are not alone. Most people feel overwhelmed during the holiday season. Here are few survival tips.

Simplify: every holiday season I think, there a million things I wish to do. I can't do everything so I simplify. I heard someone say that asking kids what they find meaningful about the season can be a good rule of thumb. If your kids are like mine, they’ll probably say “gifts!” This year I'm asking myself, what do I want them to remember? I don't want them to remember a stressed out mother who's in a bad mood due to over scheduling. Let's start with the end in mind and simplify.

Create Shortcuts: Living in the first world has its advantages. Now that I am a working mom, I'm taking advantage of grocery delivery, buying gifts online and any other shortcut that will save me time. I even try to create shortcuts in my daily routine. Packing lunch boxes the night before school saves precious morning time. How do you create shortcuts in your daily life?

Say No: not to be mean but because when you say No to something, you are saying Yes to a better choice. By saying No to over scheduling, I am saying yes to more time at home with my family. This season I'm saying No to jealousy. I'm refusing the sin of coveting someone else’s life. I'm also saying No to being tolerated. People pleasing is not good, specially when I know I'm being tolerated. I'm sticking closer to people who celebrate me.

Give Jesus some Room: it's amazing that we can be so busy that we have no time to give Jesus, the reason for the season, our attention. I am doing what it takes not only to warm up a seat at church but to actually use my brain this Christmas season. I'm reading the Bible passages for myself and I’m actually thinking about them. I’m reading “When Christmas came to Bethlehem” with my kids and we are really enjoying it. Even if all you can give is a prayer of thankfulness and some extra attention to the Sunday sermon, I believe we can all give Jesus more of ourselves this season.

I hope these survival tips help you enjoy this season of Hope my friend.