How my friends and I read the Bible in One Year

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

It was the end of 2016 when four of my friends accepted this challenge:
"P.S.: I will be reading the One Year Bible in 2017 and I've been encouraging my friends to do the same. It takes 15 minutes of each day. It's totally doable and you will love what it does for your inner life."

One friend successfully finished reading the Bible in One Year, and I am on track to finish it on December 31. I've been part of the group who couldn't swing it one year. How did we manage to succeed?

1. We set the goal. We decided to read the One Year Bible.
2. We got the book. Or the App. Either way we were equipped to succeed.
3. We put it in our schedule. One of my friends read ahead because she knew the summer would be busy. I put it in my schedule first thing in the morning. Planning to succeed often helps us get there.
4. We decided to stick with it day in and day out. We read through every kind of weather (Hurricane Harvey included) and each small step got us to the end.

Reaching this goal is exciting. I also understand what it feels not to finish (that was me last year). I didn't abandon the Bible, I just couldn't read it all in one year. What matters is that my heart and mind are forever changed because I dedicated my time to the reading of God's word. Faith did come and faith is what I needed to weather the storms of life this year.

Congratulations to my friends who finished reading the Bible in a Year. Congratulations to my friends  who will try again next time.

I want to invite you to join me in 2018 as I dedicate 15 minutes a day do read the Bible. I'm changing the translation as well as the format. I'm stretching myself so I can grow and mature in my faith. Join me?

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