What I tell myself when I gain Weight

Thursday, December 21, 2017

This week I gained a bit of weight. I have been in this journey long enough to expect set backs. Because it is Christmas season, I will share with you my “E.L.F.” approach to gaining weight. And yes, you can use it during other times of the year.

 E - Expect setbacks • I am yet to accomplish any goals without having to deal with setbacks or delays. I see them as detours on my road to victory. I can still get to where I am going, I just have to expect that the trip might not be made in a straight line. I often drove from my Mississippi College to places between 14 and 17 hours away. There were always detours on the road. As I focused on my goal of safe arrival, I continue to drive and eventually I made it to my destination. I have never had one of those predictable bodies that will drop weight until I say “enough.” I am yet to have a year where life’s circumstances are not an issue. Setbacks are guaranteed, what I do with them is totally my choice.

L - Learn something New • I decided that every time I have a setback, I can learn a new lesson that will help me at a later time. Years ago, when I was obsessed with the scale, I learned that a scale detox (not weighing myself for a long time while focusing on daily healthy habits) can be very helpful. Recently, I learned that when I step on the scale, I can expect two things from myself: a Neutral Attitude or a Positive Attitude. I gained weight this week, so I had a Neutral Attitude when I stepped on the scale. Neutral because a Negative attitude will never get me to my goal. Neutral because this mindset can calmly see what I need to do to succeed. Last week I lost weight, so my attitude was Positive. Learn something from failure my friend, it will help you succeed in the future. 

F - Follow Through with the plan • I have a plan and I need to use it. I know it is the holiday season and I also know that I can succeed if I make great choices, plan ahead and track my points. If I track my points, I lose the pounds. I am traveling during the holidays and I am confident that as I follow through with my plan, I will feel energized when I get back to my routine.

I don’t always succeed when I am pursuing my weight loss goals but I can Expect setbacks, Learn something new and Follow through with the plan.