Listenbee Family Day

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wedding day and Nowadays. I love you always.
A dozen years. That’s how long I’ve been married. 12 is such an interesting number. Here are some things that come in 12: 
Months in a year
Disciples of Jesus
Numbers in a Clock
Days of Christmas
Tribes of Israel
Inches in a $5 footlong sub
Face cards in a deck

Unlike the things on this list, we had to arrive at this number, it wasn't a given. It’s not always easy. Being married is not easy but we both agreed to make our marriage work. 

God has been good to us and we have been blessed to be surrounded by some amazing marriage mentors. The people I particularly admire have been married for 35, 40, 50 years and beyond. These are real people with real world issues and who choose to stay together with God as their foundation and guide. I often tell them ‘one day, I’ll get there!” But for now we are at 12. 

I don’t think that love really changes, our practice of it certainly does. I find that now that I’m at year 12, love certainly understands. Love believes the best and love is quite willing to adapt for the greater good. 

I’m thankful Zeke chose me, out of all the women in the world. I chose him right back. I keep choosing him every day with my actions. He is my priority and I make sure that I keep that in mind. 

The day we got married there was a joy and an excitement inside my heart. Those feelings never left. I carry them close as we walk together, with God as our foundation and guide. Life together has been fun and I pray it will continue to be. 

We described today to the kids as Listenbee Family Day. It was extremely sweet to wake up and see a surprise they prepared for us to celebrate the day. Our children are the fruit of our love and we are thankful for their heart every second of the day. 

In days like today, part of me remembers that I’m really not perfect. I am encouraged to recalibrate and to improve so that I can be a better wife and mother. I will continue to seek God and I will continue to go to a Christian counselor. My marriage is worth this investment, so I do it gladly and I will continue. 

So, happy Listenbee Family Day and thank God for our family!