Jealousy during Spring Break

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I am guilty of being jealous of other people. Spring Break is often when I realize this guilt. Here I am, preparing myself for a trip to the Goodwill to drop-off some donations when I see pictures of my friends' fabulous vacations on social media.

I do wish it was me, smiling in those pictures. I'm quickly slapped back to my senses as I remember God's standards for me. The life I choose to live make no provisions for long-term jealousy.

Last Saturday, those standards grabbed me by the heart. I stopped whatever I was doing (coveting my friends' vacations) and I said a prayer like this: "God I confess my sin and I repent from being jealous of my friends. Bless my friends and their families. May they always experience your very best."

I can honestly say that the rest of the week has been very pleasant. I have even been able to look at people's vacation photos without jealousy. Thanks to God, what I am experiencing is joy in my heart for them.

Let me back it up and tell you how this whole process works with me.

The Bible I read so much has a lot to say about how I should live my life. Every time I hear or experience jealousy, I'm instantly convicted by the holy words that live hidden in my heart. I began to heed to the voice of God every time my own heart became jealous of others. I was convinced that jealousy was not God's best for me. I made the decision to repent and move on to God's best instead.

This stuff is not magic. It has taken some time but I am at a place where I want God's best in every area therefore I follow His purpose for every area of my life. It is about choices. God gives me choices and I am choosing His word.

Jealousy is a "sometimes" problem for me. I have learned to take my "all the time" problems to a different level of accountability. If I or someone close to me discerns that I am having an issue all the time, I have learned to submit myself to Godly council so that I can have an extra level of accountability and guidance in the area. The goal is to get to freedom from the issue, which is God's best for me.

I would give you a bunch of scriptures to back up what I have learned to be God's standards for me. I won't because I believe that it is more effective that you read it for yourself and discover freedom your own terms. What I know for sure is that jealousy is toxic. Drinking a small amount of poison is still deadly. I want God's best, no matter how uncomfortable my flesh gets in the process.

Jealousy may not be your problem my friend. I do wonder if you have a different "sometimes" problem God wants to fix. He is brilliant in bringing freedom to our places of bondage. I pray you make room for His brilliance today.