Bible in a Year: how I'm doing

Monday, April 23, 2018

I have decided to read the Bible in a Year yet again. I’m glad I’m sticking with this resolution because spiritual discipline has helped me stay strong in times of great trials. 

Last year was a difficult year for our family. I can say that reading the Bible helped me to know and remember who God is. To keep it short, we were between ministry assignments and my husband was looking for a job for 5 months. I don’t know how God works things out but he provided for our every need and gave us blessings on top of that. 

When I look back at that time, I can see that Bible reading encouraged me on a daily basis. 

I have read the Bible in a Year before. I have succeeded and I have failed. I know what it takes and this year, I am giving my best to stay on track. 

Being a working mom can put a strain on my time but because God is my priority, I am determined to always read the Bible. 

I am using the ReadScripture app and I am enjoying their methodology. The order of the books is different than I've experienced and they offer videos explaining how a particular book fits into the entire Bible story. 

This year, I have both read and listened to the Bible. Faith does come by hearing the word of God. The important thing is to include it in your life. 

I understand that some people can be scared of taking on such a project because it is an immense book. I also understand that some are afraid they will not understand it.

My suggestion is to read it in community. Having someone to talk to is the best thing. The easiest community connection can be found in your own church. Sunday School teachers exist to answer your questions. There is a lot of help around. The important thing is to find someone you can actually see. 

The next step for those who are ready to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures is to take a more in depth class on the Bible. Because most people won't abandoned everything they know and become scholars, we need to find an easier solution. I would ask a Sunday School teacher or Bible study leader for suggestions. Maybe they can start a class in your church. Maybe there’s a Bible based place you can go to for lessons. 

I attended a Bible Study Methods class that helped me a lot to understand how to study and interpret the Scriptures. Remember that God is more eager to be known than you are to know Him. There is a Godly path for you to follow. 

Now that I am working full-time I can simpathize with women who work and still make time to go to Bible study. There’s nothing easy about it. The reward I get from knowing God is eternal. 

It takes me around 15 minutes to complete each day’s reading. I believe those are the most important minutes of my day. Any time heaven is invading my earthly circumstances, I call it important. 

Life can be difficult at times. Bible reading helps me have the only perspective that matters: God’s.