Exercising as a habit: tips for busy people

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Are you a busy person? So am I! The good news is that if you want to make exercise a habit, there is hope for you and I. Here are a few tips to inspire you:

Decide your best day • Only you know which time of day will be the most beneficial to you. There’s not reason to exercise with us morning people if you are a night person. Pick the best time and stick with it. 

Be prepared • The hardest step truly is that step you take out of the door. If you can be prepared for that step, you win. Simply have your clothes, shoes or your gym bag ready to go. It will save you from having to make another decision. It will fortify your decision to go out and exercise. 

Decide your motivation • Knowing your “why” is every important. Remembering your “why” on a regular basis is also important. When choosing a motivation, be sure that your motivation is strong enough to last the test of time and any barriers that will come your way. 

Group or solo? • If you are a person who benefits from being in a group, find one. If you are a solo kind of person, do just that. Some people find that exercising by themselves is the way to go. Others find that accountability to a group is beneficial. I’d say I enjoy both but of only one is the option, no big deal. 

Enjoy the benefits • Once you start exercising as a habit, remember to notice and celebrate the benefits. Count every benefit and celebrate each one. Let this celebration lead you to the next workout. 

One thing I always remember is that there are people who are busier and they fit exercise into their schedule. It’s not about having all the time in the world, but we need to know what to do with the time we’ve been given.