My 10-point: Give Up

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stuff you should give up:

Envy and jealousy • no amount of negative feeling will propel you to have what you secretly desire.

Mindless browsing • love your brain, give it a better purpose than that.

Regrets • try to spend a whole day without giving regrets so much power.

Perfection • imperfect is the new black. And you know Black is beautiful.

Toxic friendship • you and I have 229 days left in 2018. Can you imagine engaging only in true friendships?

Defeat mindset • focus on what you do have.

Hopelessness • your energy will literally return when you insert hope in your life.

Comparison • you don't even have the same body type as the person you admire. Be content.

Wasted tears • I believe we should cry. It is healthy. Crying about the wrong stuff is not good.

What worked for others • Customize your next achievement. Do what works for you.