Cheap and Free Kid Activities for the Summer July edition

Saturday, June 30, 2018

My friends and I always exchange tips on frugal things to do with kids during the summer. Here are my favorite local activities. Feel free to add to the list! If you are a new reader, please know that we don’t have any sponsors (other than my husband who pays for everything. Ha!) so these tips are foreal.

Refresqueria on 5th street - It’s hard to bet a $2 snow cone. This place is a jewel in the county. If you haven’t been there yet, plan a visit.
Sprinkling pads - a great way to stay cool during these hot July days. The facilities are well-kept and the kids love their time there.
Library reading contest - there is still time to sign up and read up! Adults can sign up too. I certainly did because reading is a gift to my brain.
Trip to the library - Those trips to return books have become quite the event. The kids get new books and they play quite a bit in the library before heading home.
Chick-fil-a cow appreciation day - do not miss this. Free food for dressing like a cow? Sign me up! Here is another way of getting more out of this day: plan a craft day when the kids help you make their costumes. If you’re like me and you come up with something elaborate (ha!), print something they can color so they can participate that way.
Sugar Land town center events - those are fun and the sun is down. Lots of playing in the lawn.
4th of July celebrations - there are multiple events before and during the holiday. Look up this list or ask around. We have tried quite a few celebrations before choosing one that works for us.
Skeeters kids in free Wednesdays - This is a great, great deal. There’s a sprinkling pad, playground and basketball court available for the kids.
City park/playground tour - I go from park to park just so we can add some variety to our schedule. I always take a snack so we can make this event even more fun for the kids.
Free family movies at the public library - most events fill up quickly so be sure to get reservations or arrive early so you can grab a seat.