How to add Renewal to your Day

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sometimes life make me wish I could be magically transported to somewhere magical - without the long airport lines. But then I remember I can't.

Instead of feeling down because my life doesn't resemble a movie (the only place where people randomly take off and go to fun places magically. Well, within 2 hours anyway), I've learned to do a few things to bring renewal to everyday life:

Take a 15 minute walk. I know it is summer. This is not power walking. I simply walk one direction for 7 minutes then I turn around and go back to where I came from. There's something about walking that clears the mind.

Do a craft project. I'm not a craft person, yet, I sometimes engage in a project. The satisfaction of finishing something I started that will hang at my house, is heart warming. The simpler the better. There's something about using my hands that clears the mind.

Talk to a friend. But the friends need to exist in real life. It takes intentionality but we synchronize schedules. I sometimes arrive at our meeting super stressed. I never leave the same way I came. There's something about sharing my heart that clears the mind.

Life is not going to be perfect. Because of that, I learned to recognize the tools I have that can add much needed renewal to my day. What's in your tool box? Does it clear your mind in a natural way?