Podcast 1: Trailer

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

In this episode I want to introduce myself to you. I want to tell you what to expect from our time together. 

I’m Cintia! I’ve been blogging here at www.simplycintia.com since 2003. 

I was born in Brazil but I live in America with my family. When I arrived, I had $200 in my pocket and two suitcases in my hands. I was robbed of $100 a few days after I arrived, so I learned to do the best I could with what I had. This has been the theme of my life. I believe we can all do great things with the circumstances we currently have. 

There’s a lot of negativity out there. The Simply Cintia Podcast is a good place to find hope online. 

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When a podcast starts, people sometimes wonder if some big start will be a special guest. The answer is yes! The big starts in my area of the universe are my friends and family. This season a few friends will stop by and talk about relevant topics such as:

• what does it really take to change? 
• how to shine your light on social media
• the gift of turning 40 
• how to balance motherhood and career. 

I will speak of “what happens when friendships die” and other topics. 

I welcome your prayers, subscriptions, social media shares and donations. Join me as I celebrate this new landmark in the existence of SimplyCintia.com!