Putting all the pieces together when you feel overwhelmed

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

My mother was visiting me from Brazil this summer. She helped me a lot by doing a lot of small things. Doing small things with love amount to big things.

The reality is, I'm not an only child. I'm one of five. The reality is, mom had to go back to her life and I, to mine. So we parted ways at the airport and I moved on with life.

As I was watering the plants tonight, I remembered how afraid I was of managing my schedule this Fall.

I was nervous about making all the pieces fit together. I learned a long time ago that I am not supposed to take on a lot. I am supposed to listen to God and follow His plan for my life. His plan includes taking care of my family. If any activities interfere with that, they has to go.

This Fall, I am learning that I can do small things with love. I am discovering that I can take my time to get tasks accomplished, even if it takes me a week.

My mom left a bunch of meals cooked for me when she left. We ate the last of it this week. I called her and told her that in a sad yet thankful tone of voice. In her determined fashion, she responded, "time for you to cook another batch."

She's right, life goes on and we keep moving with it. The way to put all the pieces of my life together is the way of simplicity and humility. Simplicity because I can't afford the side effects of a complex life. Busyness is a side effect of a complex life. Busyness is a complex lie. We think that an impossible schedule is a reflection of our sense of importance. Our health and close relationships always suffer. Ask me how I know.

Humility because that's what it takes to recognize that I'm not self-sufficient. My sufficiency comes from God who has a plan for my life this season. I humbled myself before God and I confessed I didn't have what it takes to lead my own life in the Fall. God blessed me with strategy, help and peace. Humility is a gift.

I know that in the life of a young family, there's always work to do. The key thing is to remember what's really important.

God comes first. Family and health are priorities.

There's grace to do what God has called me to do this season. I am encouraged to keep doing small things with love, simplicity, and humility.