Feel it, Write it

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I have always loved writing. I have had journals since I was a child.
Lately, I've used my journals for therapeutic reasons.
It is as simple as "if you can feel it, you can write it."

I always used my journals as a way to sort out my feelings.
If I was upset about anything, I would write about the situation and when I was finished, I felt better.
The situation didn't change but I did. Journaling is quite therapeutic.

Reading my old journals can be quite fun. Because my perspective is different, I can remember what I was experiencing.

One year, instead of just complaining about situations, I made the effort to write down prayer requests. When God answered my prayers, I would write "THANK YOU" by the requests. It is always encouraging to see how God is faithful and He answers prayers.

Every summer, I buy journals for my kids. I want to encourage writing in any form. Journaling can be great for all ages.

I'm not sure if you are a person who enjoys writing. Journaling is an activity that helps me to calm down, heal and relax.