Goal Digger

Monday, November 5, 2018

The first 8 weeks of 2018 were filled with life changes. I celebrated my birthday with my sweet family. I was blessed with a new job. Change was the name of the game for 2018.

Do you remember what you were doing during the first 8 weeks of 2018?

We are now living the last 8 weeks of 2018. We don't know what tomorrow holds, but we do know God has a great plan for our lives. He, who calls us His own, has a purpose for us.

Jesus lived a life of purpose. He knew where He came from and He knew where he was going. When it came to His mission, He said, "the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does." John 5:19 (NIV).

What if we decided that whatever goals we pursue need to match with what the Father is doing? I can imagine the joy and abundance such approach would bring.

Your goals for 2018
I believe there is still time to achieve the goals we set in January. Small steps can get us there. What if you haven't started working on your goals? Don't wait until 2019: start now!

The best goals have an eternal purpose as a motivation. If your goal is shallow and temporary, I encourage you to rethink your approach. How do you know the difference? Remember Jesus' approach to his mission on earth. He was focused on His Father. He was focused on the eternal.

Here are some tips to be sure you and I spend the last weeks of 2018 as Jesus would:

Connect with God daily - the only way to do what the Father is doing is to spend time with Him. Cut down on unnecessary distractions and dig in to God. I guarantee that if you spend more time with God during the last 8 weeks of the year, your life will flourish.

Take an honest look at your schedule - people over book themselves at the end of the year. Don't do that. Schedule plenty breaks. Spend time with your family. Ask yourself: "in the light of eternity, will this task really glorify God and fulfill what He has called me to do?" Only you can answer this question my friend.

Take small steps towards your goal - I'm not taking a break from my health goals. I am not giving up on my health because the holiday season is right around the corner. I will take small steps that will lead me to my goal. Don't give up on your goals. Take small yet decisive steps to achieve your goals.

I understand I fooled you with the "gold digger" title. Between the planning and executing of this post, I realized that no goal on earth compares to being in the center of God's will. Seeking Him first is the best productivity method I know.

Joy and abundance of life can be ours if we submit our goals to God's purpose for us.