Life Questions

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Not every question will be answered in life. It doesn't mean we can't ask them. Here are a few of the questions I have thus far this year.

  • Will this (insert difficult situation) ever pass?
  • Why can't we all be loved for who we are instead of wanted for what we can offer?
  • I don't have tattoos. Will God use me?
  • I don't mix my faith with other faiths. Will God still use me?
  • I'm a woman who lives in America. Will God still use me? 
  • These people are clearly throwing me under the bus. Is it time to let go of this shallow friendship?
  • This person is clearly against me. How can I live what I believe and repay evil with good?
  • They meant it for evil. Will God work it out for good?
  • This person only speaks with me because they want access to a key relationship in my life. How can I maintain a clean heart anyhow?
  • It is not popular to stand in my confidence but I've been called to do so. How can I remain in that space?
  • I have nothing to prove. How can I thrive among people who feel like they have a lot to prove?
There are many more questions. We all have multiple questions in our minds. They might not be all answered. It doesn't mean we can't ask them. God is certainly listening and He is full of wisdom.