What is your Purpose this Holiday Season?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

We are so close to the end of the year, yet so far away! It feels like a mad rush towards Christmas, except, I refuse to get frazzled.

I learned a few years ago that I'm the only person responsible for adding events to my schedule. I'm determined (ahead of time) not to overbook myself and my family. 

I make space for what's necessary and I leave space for what's needed. This year, the necessary are church and school commitments. My husband is part of a church staff and at the end of the year, there are multiple Christmas events. We're also involved in church and we carefully choose what we can commit our time to. It's important to know when to say no and when to stick with a yes. I want my yes to mean something, so I often have to say no to other things. 

One of our kids is old enough to be part of their school choir. We are learning early that activities come with several extras. So far we've been able to say yes to most of it. When we say no, it is because of well-established boundaries. Even when volunteering, it is important to be able to say "I won't be able to help you at this time, thank you for thinking of me." Our time is our own unless we give it to someone else. 

I'm leaving space for what's needed. Rest is much needed and I am leaving space for rest. Every time we are rushing from one activity to the other, I crave rest. The only way I get to rest is when I make space for it. It has taken years of errors and mistakes but I am finally learning this lesson. Rest needs to be part of my life, otherwise, things fall apart such as my health. 

I understand the lure of being "busy." It makes you look important. It seems that your life has meaning and you are doing something significant. I believe that having a purpose for the season is way more attractive. My purpose for Christmas is to glorify God and teach my children about the birth of Christ. Because I have this purpose in mind, I live my life accordingly. I can honestly look at an event and ask myself: will this help me glorify God? Will this help me teach my children about the birth of Christ? 

I have a friend who told me she used to feel burned by the number of gifts she had to buy her relatives. She is a Christian who grabbed a hold of the reality of the birth of Christ. She told her relatives "from this year on, no more gifts. Christmas is Jesus' birthday, not yours." This simple decision helped her fulfill her purpose for Christmas. It helped her financially and emotionally too. My friend and her husband do not have kids and I am not suggesting we boycott gift giving. I am advocating for all of us to find our purpose this holiday season. 

Everyone out there has a purpose for you. The purpose of commerce is to make sure your hard earned money goes to their pocket so they can get on black. The purpose of other organizations is to be sure you meet their time, volunteering and financial needs. The purpose of your neighborhood is to be sure they look bright at midnight, due to the amount of Christmas lights all over. Guess who needs to put them up, store them, pay for the higher electricity bill... Everyone has a purpose for you. 

When are you going to decide what your own purpose should be?

Start by asking God, "what would you lead me to do this season?" Listen and obey. His yoke is easy, His burden is light and his way is one of peace. 

I pray that you and I can walk in God's purpose for us this holiday season my friend.