Great things in '19: 4 goal questions

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

We’re back at the daily grind. Most New Year's resolution people are back to old habits. The gyms are back to empty-ish. The good thing is that we have a choice. Will you choose to change or would you rather stay the same? Here are some things to consider.

Consider your annual goals:
• Are they achievable? A few years ago I modified my annual goals because they were not achievable. Simpler goals are better goals to pursue. For example, instead of going after 57 goals, I decided to focus on the areas that will make the most difference in life. Inside those categories, I write no more than 3 goals.

Consider your monthly goals:
Are you making progress? You can't measure what you won't manage. It is important to manage your goals so you can have a monthly measure of your progress.

Consider your weekly goals:
Are you basing your schedule around your goals? Your goals should drive your weekly schedule. If you don't have an aim you will hit it every time. Own your schedule and fill it with activities that will support your goals.

Consider your daily goals:
Are you developing persistence to reach your goals? Long term goals are reached in the quiet, ordinary acts of daily life. When you work daily, you develop persistence. When the going gets tough, you will keep going because you know how to persist.

If you are reading this post, it is because you want to change. I believe you can reach your goals. Be sure to review your annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals.