Result-oriented Routines

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Routines are an important part of my day. I see my routines as the means to an end. I want good results, therefore, I submit to my routines.

Routines are not magical formulas to a great life. If it was that simple to be successful, we wouldn't be struggling to get it together, right?

If you don't have a routine, I encourage you to think about your results and work backward.

Results: Kids at school with homemade lunches, feeling well.
Mom at work with homemade lunch feeling well.

Wake up and actually get out of bed to make stuff happen (If you are not a morning person, you might have a problem here. Fixing this step will help you be more productive.);
Put exercise clothes and shoes on;
Drink coffee;
Read the Bible in Portuguese (the actual book, not an App);
Shower and get dressed;
Make sure kids lunches are in their backpacks;
Everyone is out the door.

*Notice that not one time, I was required to be on my phone. I added an extra lock that impedes me from looking at any apps before a certain time in the morning. Looking at my phone steals precious time I can use to reach my morning goals. I don't watch TV in the morning either. We might listen to music while eating breakfast.

Results: Wash dishes, Prep kids' lunch, work.
Wash dishes after dinner;
Pack kids' lunch;
Set aside exercise clothes and shoes;
Work for 40-45 minutes;
Marriage time;

Results: Rest, Prepare for the week ahead, have fun.
Laundry (start and finish the entire process);
Chores (the kids help with chores);
Wash and braid the girls' hair;
Grocery run;
Pre-pack kids lunch for 2-3 days;
Prepare the menu for the week;
Get at least one day ahead with meal prep;
Run long distance;
Do a fun outing with the kids;

My routines are result-oriented. They are means to an end. Most days are not the same but as I think about my results, I am able to create routines that will support them.

Questions: What are the results you want to see in 2019? How can your routines support your results?