Can Jesus heal character issues in 2019?

Monday, April 22, 2019

I go to the doctor often. All my pregnancies were high risk, so for 9 months, I was at a doctor's office quite a bit. The goal was to ensure that my pregnancy and the birth, as well as the babies were healthy. Thank God, we were blessed with all of that. My doctor's visits were just that: visits. I never moved in and decided too stay there because of the attention they gave me.

Before I had children, I visited the doctor because my blood pressure was out of control. The doctor had some harsh words for 26-year-old me: change or die early. I decided to change. It turns out, there were a lot of lifestyle choices I could control. It took a long time but I found the balance I needed in order to maintain a normal blood pressure. Once again friends, I didn't move in to the doctor's office. Mind you, the doctor was nice (after that first intervention). Her staff was also very nice. Still, they told me to go home and implement the changes needed so my life quality could improve.

Why would I want to stay in the doctor's office if I have a nice home to go to? It doesn't make sense does it?

I find that some of us take the same approach when it comes to character issues. Let's use my temper issues for example. I could go on social media THIS WEEK and tell you about the multitude of reasons why I lost my temper. I could write long throw up sessions posts about it and link a nice video to it. My real reason is for you to feel sorry for me. I don't want to change. I don't want to take the Bible I read seriously. I want you to empathize with me so I can remain in my sin.

I am not against speaking about our issues. I believe we should if the true reason is to go from victim to victor.

John 9 tells us the story of a man who was born blind. I will save all the juicy details and emphasize the fact that he didn't want to continue to talk about his blindness which was obviously gone, thanks to a touch from Jesus.

"One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see." John 9:25b

Jesus is still willing to heal. Instead of focusing on his past as a blind mind, he decided to testify, "now I see."

There is something undeniable about a touch from Jesus. It is a wonder and a testimony to everyone around us. Instead of being forever known as a blind beggar, Jesus changed this man's entire life.

Guess what, He can do the same thing for you. And please, if you are a sarcastic about your issue, don't give me the "this is easier said than done" thing. Your idea about the God of the Bible needs to rise to His standards. I say this in love and in urgency. God wants to heal you so just like that former blind man, you can say "now I see."

Friend, you can move in to the doctor's office if you want to (well, they'll kick you out at 5 pm). The best option is to go on and live a healed life.

There is life and more abundantly through Jesus. Enough of discussing our issues. Let us allow Jesus to do what only He can: the miraculous.

I still go to the doctor for check ups but I can tell you I do not stay there. My goal is to leave and live a healthy life. My temper issues? I decided not to be lazy about them. I decided a short temper is a problem and Jesus could heal me. He did, and I also went to Christian counselor. I refuse to be the same if I serve a God who is more than willing to help you and I.