Real love won't be televised

Friday, May 24, 2019

Back in the day, there was a poem called "the revolution will not be televised." I've always loved the title because it made me think.

I decided to call this post "real love won't be televised." Enjoy!

Real love won't be televised 

You won't have a distorted view
Cause our love is so real
No curated content here
of duos perfectly posed
You won't have a false reaction
to the impression that
Real love won't be televised.

Patient, kind, sacrificial and truthful
real love is even-tempered
Self-control and hard work 
do not make it for exciting TV
Real love won't be televised
because it requires selflessly 
thinking of the other.

Protection, perseverance 
hope and trust are constantly displayed 
Real love is so strong
it won't be easily dismayed 
Day in and day out 
love honors and forgives 
It may look weak 
but stronger and stronger it gets.