That time the Torrential Texas Rain taught me Persistence

Sunday, May 12, 2019

It rained a lot in Texas the night of my first Social Media for Business workshop. I heard we got 10 inches in a few hours.

I didn't know the weather was going to be that bad. I kept looking at the forecast and I honestly thought by the time we start, it will clear out. Well, it didn't.

We went on to the meeting place anyway. We set up tables for all attendees. My kids, who were assisting me that night, were all dressed up and ready to serve. We had water for everyone as well as refreshments. We plugged in the presentation, and we waited for people to show up. One friend came on time. Many were on their way so we waited a few minutes to start.

Running friends are forever. 
I started and we had class as planned. We had a great time. Everyone who was on their way had to turn around. The roads were bumper to bumper and water was rising. Thank God everyone arrived home safely.

I kept asking myself if I should have done something different. I thought that God was responsible for the weather. I honestly did not pray about that (my bad!).

I'm not a person who looks at barriers and thinks "maybe this is a sign." I'm honestly at a point where I expect things to be difficult. It is through perseverance that I learn my best life lessons. I pressed on.

I looked at the class and I was thankful that my friend and my family were there. I had a chance to do something I wanted to do. I just was not expecting to do it in layers.

I decided to teach the class again so that everyone who was not able to attend can learn about social media for business. If you are a local friend, follow me on Facebook and register please.

If you are not local but need help with your social media, contact me. I am eager to help you reach your goals.

I could have canceled the class. I chose to press on and do what I said I was going to do. I never felt the inclination to be discouraged, even in the midst of my circumstances. I don't think I was basing my resolve in the number of attendees (which was good but you know, the torrential rain) or any external circumstance. I was thankful to God for giving me a chance to do what I enjoy doing: making media simple for professionals and business owners.

Expect barriers on the way to your dreams. Expect torrential rains. Expect people not to be available. Press on any way. Barriers are a clear sign that you need to find a different route. Change the route, don't change your goal. You will certainly get there.