Don't give up on your goals

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

You and I have 154 days until the end of the year from today. I am here to encourage you not to give up. The plans we made for 2019 were grand indeed. We set goals and we said we were going to achieve them.

I will be honest and say that I'm the person who gets depressed when she reads her goals for the year. "What in the world was I thinking?" is what I often ask myself. After that brief moment of disbelief, I  start thinking about how I can actually reach my goals.

The most important thing I can do, regardless of my goal is not to give up.

I remember being on the other side of a few stressful years. I wanted to take care of my nutrition. I just didn't have the bandwidth. Still, I didn't give up. I kept saying "I won't give up on myself." I stayed positive and I fed the possibilities that were right in front of me.

That magic moment finally happened. Everything lined up correctly and I started following a good plan to help me gain the balanced nutrition I needed.

I'm so glad I didn't give up. I wouldn't be where I am if had given up on my goal. I would be in a bad place actually.

Not giving up on our goals gives us hope. Hope that things can and will change. Hope that we have what it takes to live the life God called us to live.

I don't know what you want to achieve. I do know you can't give up.