Rediscovering you

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I had $200 in my pocket and two suitcases in my hand when I arrived in the U.S. The year was 1998. Shortly after settling in my college dorm, someone robbed me of $100. 

The moment I noticed I was robbed was the moment I realized, it isn't about what happens to you, it is about who you become. 

I prayed and went on to look for a job. I started working in the college cafeteria. Thank God, I finished my degree and graduated with honors. I went on to start and finish graduate school. 

There has never been a better time to rediscovering you then now. Who will you become? Take time to answer this question.

I know life hasn't been fair. I know some of you are having a hard time. The fact is that you are becoming someone and you have a choice in the matter.

How do you discover who you are becoming? Should you take your clothes off so the internet can see you? Please don't do that my friend. 

Do you rediscover yourself by altering your outside appearance? That's not the answer either. 

"Rediscovering you" starts with the original blueprint. Only God has that in His hands. 

God's blueprint for me includes persistence. I am to persist in the midst of difficulty. 

Let me tell you a secret. The things in God's blueprint cannot be photographed and shown online. One must live it out. Once you live and learn it, it is your duty to tell others. 

I know some of us had awful things happen. Abuse, abandonment, addiction. Although these things are serious, it is not about what happened to us. What really matters is who we are becoming. 

Out of ashes, beauty will rise. God meant it to be this way. That is part of His blueprint for your life and for mine. 

Today I want to encourage you to rediscover who you were meant to be. 

Start with asking God the following question: despite my circumstances, who am I becoming?