Camp Listenbee 2019

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mississippi one, two, three!
We decided that the worst part of summer is that it ends. How we love our summers! Birthdays, celebration of motherhood and fatherhood are of them. We swim, we travel and we always learn something new.

This summer was one of learning and reflecting. Here’s what we learned:

Contentment - we learned we can do the best with what we have. I work in a wealthy area of Houston. I saw a lot of summer camp opportunities come to my inbox. Just for fun, I decided to pretend like I was going to sign the kids up to all of them. The imaginary bill was $20,000. I obviously rolled my eyes and decided that contentment was a good thing. I applied for scholarships and God blessed us with a few. We saved and the kids were able to be part of some cultural enhancing camps. Doing the best I can with what I have is one of the themes of my life.

Time - We started the summer explaining time management to the kids. The manual pie chart I created made a big impression on the kids. I explained what happens within 24 hours. I told them, one simply does not sit to watch TV the entire day. Other things need to get done and the sum of it all makes up a day. We made the difficult decision to take away tablets this summer. After the small, momentary discomfort, the kids were more alert to the life giving opportunities the summer provides. No one makes their best memories with their nose on tablet. I am okay with the perception that comes with taking such a stand if in return, I raise children to who can look an adult in the eyes and have a respectful conversation.

Financial Literacy - The kids learned to save and manage money this summer. I believe money management is a great skill to have. We opened savings accounts. They managed their money and learned from their mistakes.
We'll look extra cute for free Chick-fil-A!
I reflected on the goodness of God towards us. I reflected on the great “off line” things I witnessed. The friends who took the time to spend time with us. The family members we visited. The closeness of our family and the growth we all experience. I am even thankful because I learned from my own mistakes.

At the end of the summer, I don’t have expensive vacation photos to show. I don’t have perfect children who finished the library’s summer reading challenge. What I have is more important than that. I have thankfulness for the amazing summer God gave us. We used what we had and it was exactly what we needed.

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