Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 29, 2019

1. Living for God and family, with no regrets is the best. After 8 years and two months we are moving. One question I didn't ask myself when I was in NC was, "would have I done anything differently?" The answer has to be no. 
2. My knowledge of culture increased in 8 years. I paid attention to the existing culture. I learned a lot from it. A wise mentor told me that if I know the culture, I win. This knowledge helped me serve people better. 
3. My friend circle increased a lot in 8 years. If the recently arrived person I was knew how many incredible people God would send my way, I think she'd be at peace starting small and facing rejection. Friendship is true wealth. Thank God for inventing such thing. 
4. We did not become sports fans but we attended some fun games. And ate some great food while at it. I would say, we became long distance runners and the kids became triathletes. 
5. My career changed directions in the past 8 years. I can also say that I was also encouraged to be an active participant in what I want to see happen. 
6. Traffic hasn't been a major distress. I want to say that it is partly because I'm from Rio, partly because I take the Zig Ziglar approach to traffic. Instead of letting it drive me crazy, I turned that into the automobile university. 
7. Following God leads to peace. We cried as we said goodbye to dear friends but we did so in complete peace that God was leading us. Today, I'm at peace. I know that our lives are for God's service and we will serve Him with gladness, always.