When you see the good in others

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When you see the good in others, verbalize it.
I learned this truth from my family. 
We were not perfect by any means but 
we learned to see the good and say it. 

Those truths were planted in my heart. 
Those words are still producing fruit. 

It is easy to see what's wrong with others. 
I'm challenging myself to only speak the good I see.

It's not faking it. It is calling God's best forward. 

I understand this can be awkward. 
You know what's worse than that?

The uneasy feeling a lot of people have inside. 

That feeling of wondering if they matter at all.
You have the answer, so speak it out. 

Speak it loud: 

Verbalize it, 

Write it, 

Sing it,

Say it.  

When you see the good in others, communicate it.

You never know the life you're impacting. 

Hearts are thirsty for good words.

Let's give them the good words they need.