Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 3, 2019

1 • It takes a while for my physical surroundings to catch up with the fact that home is where I make it. I know I will get there. I am one month in this transition and I have no doubt we are supposed to be here. Going through this transition has been challenging but God is giving me grace. I am learning from previous moves. I am practicing what I believe. I am sure that this land is fruitful, good and exactly where we are supposed to be. 

2 • Last week was busy but thank God, I balanced it well with rest. I know that if I don't rest, I can't have an ideal day. Resting is a discipline worth practicing daily. Rest is a powerful tool.

3 • I have a lot of compassion for people going through a tough spot in life. I pray that they will have the help, empathy and strength they need to life an abundant life. I also hope they speak up.

4 • We are around 10 weeks away from the Houston Marathon. It feels like that's a long way to go but it will be here before I know it. This is the time to trust my training. It is also the time to persist and work towards my goal, even when it is difficult. I find that often, training for the marathon is the greatest challenge of all. Running 26.2 miles seems like a culmination, even a coronation of sorts.

5 • I've been watching some interesting foreign movies on weekends. I watched an interesting moving based in Kygyzstan. I also watched a few movies and documentaries about writers during this transition to our new home in East Texas. Writing and writers are fascinating.

6 • Today is day 307 of my Bible in One Year plan. I am really enjoying rearing the Bible in Portuguese. It's hard to believe how quickly 2019 went by. The small steady steps we take towards our goals really matter.

7 • I am starting to think about my 2020 goals. I like to start the new year with them which means I have 8 weeks to write them down. Before that happens, I need to analyze my 2019 goals. The optimist in me believes I can still achieve them.