Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 10, 2019

1 • I believe in learning from my life. I know that when I have an extra busy week, I need to rest more. This practice gives me margin to face whatever comes my way. I made myself rest more this past week. It helped me a lot. I have this habit of inserting rest, even when I am working full-time. What I don't want is to be tired and stressed out all the time.

2 • I love Podcasting. It requires a different rhythm than other media. I enjoy connecting in a different way. I enjoy being a voice of encouragement. I hope you are listening. I am also looking for topic suggestion from my friends. Reach out and let me know what you'd like to speak about.

3 • Zeke and I have birthdays and anniversary coming up. I love celebrating every day with him. Moving has colored every facet of our lives, including with whom we celebrate. I haven't decided on my birthday. Last year, I decided not to orchestrate it. It worked. This upcoming year, I need to decide on what exactly I want to do.

4 • We started having friends over for meals. It is such a joy to practice hospitality. We are a family that believes in having open doors, open table, and open hearts. Sharing a meal is good. Enjoying unhurried time getting to know the other is my favorite thing ever.

5 • I'm amazed at the amount of work I do for someone who is not working full-time outside of the home yet. Housekeeping, writing, translating, errands, studying and helping my family takes a lot of time. I keep reminding myself that my vision drives me. I also choose to drop everything and see people in real life. The conversations I've had are a blessing. I was created for connecting and connecting with others I will.

6 • We have been speaking about generosity at church. I felt challenged to be generous with my time. I am listening to God's call to be generous when it comes to giving my time to someone. It would be easy to say I'm busy and I have a lot to do. I prefer to obey and to give myself to others. So far, the results have blessed me a lot. Trusting God is the only way to be effectively generous with our time and talents.

7 • A few years ago, I started Weight Watchers before Haloween. It seemed crazy but now I'm healthier than before. I learned that excuses will not improve my health; being proactive will. I guess I'm trying to say that you can let go of your excuses. You can take small steps towards being healthier. Start today and watch the results pile up.