Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 24, 2019

1 • I’m thankful to God for allowing me to become an American citizen. This country has been a blessing to me. My sweet family started here and I thank God I fully belong.

2 • Some friends show up for us, no questions asked. They gave us the gift of their time and presence. They gave of themselves to us fully. I’m thankful and I hope to do the same for others.

3 • We had our first official party at our new house. It felt good to have our new friends and neighbors over for a celebration. Opening our home to others remind us of who we are. We love people and we want to nurture our friendships. Sharing our life is part of that nurture.

4 • I went back to Houston twice this week. I stopped at our old house and I realized that I don’t miss the building as much as the memories we created there. While I was in the property, I harvested fruit from our grapefruit tree and form our lemon tree. Being outside, smelling the zest and collecting my last Houston harvest was good for my soul. I appreciate your prayers for us so that the house will sell. I know someone else will be so happy there.

5 • I’m going on a mission trip! My church goes on mission quite often and I am joining the youth team going to the Amazon area of my country, Brazil. I’d love your donations and prayers.

6 • Kids have incredible faith. They are resilient, joyful and just the daily reminder I need to live more like God intended for me to live.

7 • With all my driving this week, I put on some major reading time. My reading reminded me to Hurry up and set my goals for 2020.