Christmas Conflict

Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas is not easy for every family. Some people will face conflict during family gatherings. Today I want to offer some reflective questions that will help you manage your side of the equation:

• If I know conflict is coming my way, how should I act?

• What have I learned from conflict? Was it really worth it? Did it bring about lasting change?

• Am I interested in winning more than cultivating a good relationship?

• If the relationship is broken, what are some steps towards mending it?

• If fruitless confrontation starts to happen, are there ways I can separate myself from such confrontation? Do I need to physically remove myself from the same room as the person?

• If the conflict needs to happen, will I be ready to hear the other person? Will I be able to understand as I seek to be understood?

It is easy to post memes and give clap backs. Growing as a human being will take reflection, prayer and the courage to know what God requires of you.