Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 22, 2019

1 • Sometimes, the things surrounding Christmas, make the holiday busy. I am learning to do one task at a time. I am learning to ask myself, "what is my priority?" The answer to this question make every task worth the effort.

2 • I'm practicing what I preach. I am resting and recovering from busy days. Resting allows me to give myself fully to all the people and tasks God is giving me this season.

3 • People are friendly in East Texas but I've been getting way more smiles lately. Yay Christmas season. And let's all keep smiling year-round.

4 • I am learning that my internal attitude has a lot to do with the peace I enjoy. I had two (maybe more) experiences this week in this area. Both times, I told myself to trust God and feed on His faithfulness (Psalm 37:3). It took a little while but one time, I was so peaceful I fell asleep. Trust God. It makes a tangible difference.

5 • I found myself in a place my mother was, many decades ago, when she was praying for me as a child. God heard my mother's prayer. As I prayed for my own child this week, God answered my prayers. I am thankful that God hears and answers the prayers of His servants. 

6 • This week, I arrived too early to an appointment and too late to another. I'm reminding myself that this is month 3 and I am still adapting to a new schedule at church. I'm reminding myself that I need to give myself mercy, especially when faced with the challenging week I just had.

7 • I made a mistake during my latest podcast. I forgot to say that once I realized I wasn't going to reach my business goals, I set new ones. I wrote them down elsewhere, therefore, I didn't have them in front of me during the recording. I did read those new business goals. The lesson, other than keeping everything in one place, is to dream other dreams. Set different goals and go after them.