Goal consistency

Saturday, August 8, 2020

I love setting goals. The process of setting goals is fun because involves dreaming. The process of making those goals become reality is not so fun because it involves consistency. 

A reader once asked me to write about achieving goals, with consistency and grace for yourself. Today, I'd love to share a few strategies of mine. 

Failure is my greatest teacher in goal setting. Every time I failed, I learned what it means to try again and again. I remember acquiring joy for new beginnings. Mornings, Mondays, Minutes were all chances to try again. Failure can be a good teacher if we decide to learn from it. Don't be discouraged by failure, make it your teacher. 

Vision is necessary in achieving your goal. Without it, you lose sight of the importance of the small, day-to-day tasks. I remember working on a challenging goal along with a group. A lot of members gave up on the goal and dropped out of the process. I remember their discouraging words about the process I continued to follow. I mostly remember the vision I had for myself. That vision allowed me to press on and continue to make progress towards my goal. Let your vision become greater than your excuses and you will see how much easier it is to pursue a goal. 

When I really want to achieve a goal, I make room for that goal in my life. How does grace become part of this journey? I see grace as the empowerment to start again each day. Although working towards a goal has a compound effect, you don't really see it until you completely reach the goal. You need the power to start again each morning. To work tirelessly until you see your goal realized. Grace will get you there. 

What are your strategies for achieving your goals with grace and consistency?