Hacks for times of massive uncertainty

Friday, March 20, 2020

Times are different for a lot of us in the developed world. I find that in the midst of massive uncertainty, the prominent messages (outside of government official) I hear are:
• Spend and consume more; 
• Follow your feelings;
• Live without hope;

I’ve always encouraged my readers to use their brains. I’m here to remind you to use the marvelous mind God gave you. Here are some hacks that will help you maximize the current season of life God is graciously allowing us to live. 

1. Decrease screen time 
Replace it with activities that will bring growth, family unity and peace.
Growth • reading, learning a new skill, polishing an old skill.  
Family unity • technology free activities (as in, you don't interrupt the activity to tell the Internet what y'all are doing through a video or photo). Allow your collective faith to grow. Pray together. Study the Bible together. Practice movement as a family. 
Peace • take your phone out of your room so you can sleep better. Take a deep breath if you are feeling tense and find ways to relax naturally. When you find out what works for you, write it down so you can remember later. 

2. Decrease news consumption
But increase your good news consumption - decide to read your Bible more than watch or read the news. Now is the time to dive deep and learn about the faith you practice. 
Increase the amount of reading for pleasure. There are many resources where you can find books. Start in your own library. Enjoy this time to reset your mind with positive things. Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.

3. Decide not to repeat a painful history 
Basically, don't discriminate against people from other nationalities. Let’s learn from history. Mostly, let's learn from God Himself. Do not become prejudious. Become a person who loves as God does.

4. Don't trust everything you read 
I recently read a prominent person on Instagram misquote a Scripture from  the Old Testament by comparing it to the times we are living in. I realize that person was scared. She did not know that a lot of her followers might not ask “what does this Scripture say? What does it mean? This is clearly a prophetic book but was this already fulfilled? How does this Scripture apply to me?” When I found the answer to these questions, I unfollowed the person. People are using Scripture to insight fear and despair. Don’t fall for that. I refuse to drink from the spirit of fear because someone who needs “Likes” is doing it by misusing the Bible. Use your brain my friend. Refuse to surrender to fear, especially when a person of faith is the instrument. 

This is the time I have to tell you that God gave us our feelings for a reason. It is okay to feel fear. It is not okay to let it paralyze us and make us decay from the inside out. Here is a good question to ask when you are overwhelmed: who is God for me right now? 

The answer will amaze you. 

I believe that God has a plan for humanity. You know what it  is? Redemption. I find that He has been gracious enough to give us guidelines for best living. I can have access to those guidelines as I read and live the Bible. I can read the Bible and think about what I read as I refuse to surrender to the spirit of fear. 

Always remember: 

God is for you.
You will growth through this season. 
Faith is the evidence of things not seen. 
Use your marvelous mind to think as God does.