How to fill your Hope Tank

Sunday, March 29, 2020

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A crisis is the best way to know what is the level of our hope tank.

We've all heard of the "love tank." Well, this latest crisis in the world has revealed the level and the content of our hope tank. 

Much like a love tank, our hope tank needs to be filled for such days as the ones you and I are living. 
Without a decent level of hope, we might as well perish. 

Hope gives life meaning and endurance. Meaning because we all need to live for something greater than ourselves. Endurance because life is difficult and unpredictable. Hope can help us with both things. 

Last week, while reading a book about leadership, I learned an interesting concept. The author said that hope needs to be cultivated. Apparently, the thing just doesn't fall in your help. You need to cultivate the hope you have and therefore, get the level or your hope tank high. 

My hope today, and every day, is found in my Lord and Savior Jesus. I know that God, in His infinite wisdom, will get us through the other side of this crisis. 

The way I cultivate my hope in God these days is through prayer, Bible reading (the book itself, not a devotional or a second-hand source) and worship.

I also cultivate my hope in God by using the mind God has given me. I love God with my mind. I use my mind and actually think about the words of the Bible and the faith I believe. 

Friend, I don't know how full your hope tank is. I'm here to tell you that God is willing and able to fill it until you bubble over with hope.