Sunday Seven

Sunday, April 19, 2020

1 • God gave me a gift but He is not responsible for fulfilling my potential - I heard this a few years ago and I use it as motivation not to get lazy. God gave us all a gift. He will not fulfill our potential for us. We get to do that ourselves.

2 • My belief determines how I spend my time more than my schedule does - As a student of time management, this thought really helped me this week. I started to think about my belief system and how it affects the way I use the 24 hours God gives me daily.

3 • When you don't understand, stand in your confidence - There are a lot of things in my life I don't understand. I decided to focus on what I have: my confidence. I will stand in my confidence because it is based on the faith I profess. I stand in my confidence because of my inner sense of purpose.

4 • Find a way to be joyful where you are, just as you are - I was putting up pictures in our new home the other day and I started starring at newlywed me. I thought, what would you tell her? I settled with, find a way to be joyful where you are, just as you are.

5 • Small steps have a compound effect -  Taking small steps can be discouraging at times but I am encouraged by the compound effect of the small steps I take. Consistency is a wonderful thing.

6 • If you learned, you really didn't lose - I failed miserably this past month in some areas. I also learned from my failures. I know that if I learn, I win.

7 • Appreciate all people on purpose - I had the honor of showing appreciation to hospital health care workers (people in the lab, in the warehouse, janitors, cafeteria workers, nurses, doctors) in our town because of my job. I learned that we need to appreciate people on purpose, as a habit. I also don't want to forget them once this crisis is over. How can I forget those faces?