Who will you become after the Crisis Ends?

Saturday, April 18, 2020

'Who will I become with this crisis end?'
The thought came to me at the end of a long run. 

Assuming that you are safe and healthy, who are you becoming right now?
We are the sum of our habits, no doubt about it. 

What habits are you developing or improving during this time? 
I understand stress affects people differently. If you want this time to be a pause from life, I get it. 

Here is the inevitable: time is not stopping. The crisis will end and your life will continue. 
Only what you do on purpose will help you make progress. 

I'm busy like most people. I'm working outside and inside of my home. I moved to a new place four weeks ago while I was abroad (yay husband!). I'm helping my three kids to learn at home. I know what being busy means. I also know what it means to be purposeful. 

I decided to improve as a professional during this time. I'm working differently as a habit. 

I decided to practice good time management during this time. My belief determines how I spend my time more than my schedule does. I'll elaborate on that in the future but just keep this thought for now. 

I decided to maintain good mental health habits during this time. I'm working out most days of the week for sanity, not for vanity. I'm journaling often. 

These three decisions have a compounding effect. The person I become, because of these decisions, is the person I want to really be. 

I'm challenging you to think about who you want to be when this crisis is over. Please, don't try to live the same life as you did before. It will not work. Live an improved life based on who you want to become. You can start by answering these questions:

1. How am I managing my time? Can I practice better time management? How is my belief connected to the way I currently manage my time? What steps can I make towards progress?

2. God gave me a gift but He is not responsible to fulfill my potential. How can I take daily actions in order to fulfill the potential God gave me? Do I need to read more? Do I need more time to prepare for public speeches? Do I need a mentor or peers who will inspire me to improve as a professional?

3. Health is wealth and I can't take mine for granted. What are small steps I need to take right now in order to feel the best I can? Do I need to sleep more hours at night? Do I need to drink more water? Do I need to move more during the day?

The question before you today is: who will you become after this Crisis is over? Only you have the right answer.