Things that COVID-19 did not Disrupt

Monday, May 4, 2020

The coronavirus has disrupted life around me. The kids are out of school. Many are losing jobs. People are sick. I also noticed some were going through problems before this entire thing started. Although life is tough, I want to talk about the things that the virus did not disrupt.

My ability to dream. My faith has been tested in these past few weeks. Some circumstances downright tried to destroy my confidence. Then I remembered that God gave me the ability to dream. Every time I’m in a difficult season, I remember my dreams. Not only the ones I dream at night but the ones I write down. I force myself to dream bigger, ridiculous dreams. Dreaming lifts us up to a realm where our haters can’t touch us. Even more uplifting than that is the fact that God, the dream giver, smiles when we dream.

My ability to encourage. Everyone can use a little encouragement, especially now. Words of encouragement are like seeds. As we plant them on purpose, they flourish. God gave me the ability to encourage others. He gave me words of encouragement (which I freely borrow from the Bible). He gave eyes to see the good and to speak it out. I try not to leave anything good I see in the other unsaid. Encouragement is like water. It nourishes the soul and it makes it burst with life.

My ability to pray and fast. It seems like it took me a while to get back in the habit of fasting on the regular. Well, during this coved-19 time out, I found out I had all kinds of time and motivation. I fasted because I needed to intercede on behalf of some people. I fasted because Jesus said, “when you fast…”  I also do it because I just need to hear from God. Without His guidance, I just can’t go on. I prayed a lot before these past 40-something days. I made the decision to pray a lot during this crisis. My prayers were not the “help me, get me out of here” prayers. They were mostly prayers of surrender to God’s will and to His perfect ways. I want to be used for His glory. Without His strength, it would be impossible to handle everything I needed to do. I badly needed wisdom. I asked for it in prayer and fasting. 

There were other things such as smiles that were not disrupted. Friendliness was possible to practice. Honesty and caring for others. None of these were out of reach during covid-19. 

I hope that today, you take time to consider the things that did not get disrupted. Considering these things will empower you to be the human being God called you to be.