Organizing my Summer Life

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

There is no doubt this summer feels different. 
Regardless of what the climate is outside of my home, I am called to set the atmosphere inside of my home. 
Have you considered the atmosphere inside your home this summer?
What atmosphere will you create for your family?

One thing I know for sure. The world (and its people) outside of my home do not get to set the atmosphere I live in. It is my gift and responsibility to do that. 
What atmosphere will I create for my family?

1. An atmosphere of love and nurture - At the end of life, being loved by your own is really what matters. I want to love and nurture now. In what ways can you love and nurture your family?

2. A place where childhood is treasured - I believe that childhood is a gift worth being preserved. I want my children to be children, to act like children, and to enjoy this season in their lives. I will encourage all that comes with childhood. The wonder. The questions. The lack of acting like an adult. God created childhood to be enjoyed. I want to make sure my kids enjoy their time being children. 

3. A place of learning - My husband and I are our children's main source of learning. We have a lot to teach and like little sponges, they are absorbing everything. I want to create an atmosphere where learning is encouraged. My children are learning how to thrive during a crisis. They are learning how to combat racism. My children are learning how to love and serve God. They learn manners from us and how to treat others. I want to encourage learning. When we learn, we grow. 

When I started to write this post, I was thinking about organizing my summer schedule. Life is more than writing down a schedule and following what it says. Life is about being intentional with each moment we are given. 

Deciding on the atmosphere inside our home will certainly contribute to a blessed summer, no matter what happens with the world outside.