Sunday Seven

Sunday, July 26, 2020

I looked at my life and asked: who will I become? Today I want to answer this question with seven simple words.

1. Faithful. I want to be faithful to God. I want to faithfully obey His word. I want to be a faithful wife and mother. The only way to do all of this well is to get all I need from my faithful God and the Bible. 

2. Joyful. Walking in the joy of the Lord is walking in complete strength. It means standing up to a world that is displaying despair and drives us to do the same. It means resisting the urge to be hopeless like the world and having an eternal source of hope in a God who laughs more than He frowns. He sings over us. He is pleased in seeing our joy derive from His very Spirit. 

3. Peaceful. I want to have God's perfect peace in my life. He promises to give it to those whose minds are fixed on Him because they trust in Him. I want this to my very definition. 

4. Forgiving. I want to forgive from the heart. God commands me to do it. Forgiveness is not an option for Christians. I want to choose to do it and I want to release it quickly. The weight of unforgiveness is crushing. I need the freedom forgiveness brings. 

5. Healthy. I want to be healthy from the inside out. God has given me a second chance to invest in my health. It is not easy nor convenient. I want to choose to be healthy because it helps every area of my life. My optimal health also benefits the people I love the most. 

6. Wise. I read the book of Proverbs quite a bit this week. I want to seek wisdom. I also want to be wise. True wisdom comes from God. I want to seek it more than any other temporary possession. 

7. Friendly. Being friendly is a choice I want to make on a daily basis. No matter how other people treat me or what types of lies they say about me, I want to be friendly. This attitude allows me to be authentic. It allows me to follow God's call for my life. It allows others to feel at ease and hopefully, enjoy a friendly environment. Being friendly disarms nervousness and fear. I believe that's powerful and much needed.