Writing our History

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"I always wanted to be a hero--to sacrifice my life in a big way one time--and yet, God has required my sacrifice to be thousands of days, over many years, with one more kiss, one more story, one more meal." 
- Sally Clarkson

Family history is written in ordinary moments. COVID-19 is a chapter in our family's story. I never gave a lot of thought on how we were writing it. I did think about how to make a positive investment with the time we had. 

We counted our blessings daily. We spoke to the kids about other people in different places of the world. We remembered our relatives and friends who live outside of the US. We prayed for them. We remembered people everywhere going through hardships. We prayed for them, knowing that God cares and God can help. 

We wrote our history through the prayers we prayed this season. We prayed together because we believe God called us as a family to pray for others. 

We wrote our history as we adapted our goals and desires. The kids have a habit of setting goals for the academic year. I can guarantee that those goals did not include changing schools after the year started and not returning to the new school at all after Spring Break. We changed our approach to our goals. The kids worked hard. They were really blessed in their doing. 

We wrote our history each time we sat at the dinner table and shared a meal. We shared a lot of meals together. We prayed, laughed, ate and enjoying being with each other. The dinner table is place where we continually learn we belong: we belong to God and each other. We know that because we invite God's presence at our table. We feel we belong because of the acceptance and love for one another we share with each bite. 

We wrote our story through the struggles we overcame. There were many struggles. There were multiple difficult times. There was also a lot of victories. I can't glorify my struggle because it minimizes the strength the Lord gave me as I leaned on Him. 

God helped me. He lifted me high. He taught me to keep showing up, keep loving. He taught me not to be overcome by fear but to rely on His perfect love. 

My friend Sarah Rolland said of this season, "Live the dream even in the toughest times. Keep hope alive!" 

We write our family's history when we choose to live our dream. My dream is simple. I want to be the best person Zeke will ever meet. He is mine and I am his. I want to be better for him each day. I want to be a Godly mother. God gave us our children and we are responsible to be good stewards of their souls. I want to do a great job. 

It won't be perfect but it will be great if I rely on God's wisdom and grace. I could tell you about other dreams I want to live. I know that if I don't get these two right (wife and mother), everything else will not matter. 

Family history is a great thing. It is just written so slowly. We write it with each kiss, each hug, each recipe we complete. We write it in sunny and rainy days. We right it during birthdays and funerals.

I encourage you to pay attention to the story you are writing with your family.