Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 23, 2020


Passports are magical things. You can't get out of your country without it. You only get into another country with it. I see my goals as a far away country. In order to get there, I need to present my passport. This passport gives me permission to legally pass to the place I want to go. Passports contain information. If I am the legal person that passport says I am, I have access to that new country.

Each week, I look for inspiration to be the person my "passport to success" says I am. I know where I want to go. All I need is the strength of mind to be that person each day.

These are a few inspiring messages I have stamped in my passport to success:

1. The person who benefits the most from forgiveness is the one doing the forgiving. - Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall.

2. Don't confuse your current path with your final destination. 

3. Don't allow bitterness to reenter your heart. Make a decision for inner peace.  - Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall.

4. "You must totally forgive them. Until you totally forgive them you will be in chains. Release them, and you will be released." - Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall.

5. Be committed to following your dreams. 

6. "The potential to do and plan anything is in you if you will believe and persevere." Myles Munroe. 

7. A clear vision is the passport to consistency.