Hold to God's unchanging hands

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

"In dealing with inconsistencies, uncertainties, 

and the vicissitudes of life's ever-changing variables 

Know that our God remains constant 

and is stationary in His Godness. 

He is the unmoved mover 

So when your world is upside down

hold to God's unchanging hands." 

- Dr. Kevin Bond 

My world has gotten upside down quite a bit. 
The death of a loved one and the inability to attend their funeral.
The betrayal of friends.
The rejection of men and women.
The direction of the world. 
The many unknowns occupying our everyday existence. 

I'm sure we can add to the list but we will stop right there.
We remember that God is wonderfully constant. 
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. 

We turn our faith to Him.
We remember that regardless of our current circumstances, 
We serve a God who sees, cares, and rules. 

Timeless truths help us cope with our timely inconveniences. 
God's hands are unchanging. 
Hold on to it. 
When you feel like you're gonna fall, hold. 
When you feel like you're on the floor already, reach up and hold. 

Even when I'm down, I know He will lift me up. 

Are your burdens heavy? I know God will help you with all of them.
Rely on Him. Trust in Him.

Hold to God's unchanging hands.