Sunday 7

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Here are seven things I learned this week.

1. Difficult weeks breed determined actions. Some weeks are so tough. I learned that my actions need to have determination behind them. Determination is like gas to an engine: it will make you go the distance you need to travel.

2. When faced with difficulty, ask yourself: will my disposition be courageous or cowardly? How I see myself really matters. 

3. Sleep is worth more than gold. When I sleep well at night, I can face any difficulty that comes my way with a clear mind. 

4. Sometimes, you do everything right but things don't improve. In that case, we count on God's genius and excellence. 

5. You can't go where you are not invited. This applies to people's hearts. In this instance, I respect people's boundaries. I also make myself remember the number of friends who love me and who invited me into their lives. 

6. We listen with our ears and with our hearts. I tried to listen with my heart this week. It was pretty awesome. I was able to learn and empathize with people in a different level.

7. Keep it simple. I had a conversation with a good friend about that a few weeks ago. Keeping things simple brings a lot of peace.