How to live your dream in 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

There is a high price to live your dreams. I wonder how many are willing to pay it. 

When you dreamed of getting a college education, you had to pay the price. Even if you had a scholarship, you paid the price through hard work every day. You studied it. You went to class. You completed projects and presentations. Only then, after you fully paid the price, you were able to graduate and receive your degree. 

Let me cut to the chase and tell you that there are 12 weeks left in the year of 2020. If you are willing to pay the price, you can accomplish something. 

I'm speaking with those who despite difficulties, because in the power of their dreams. I'm speaking with those who dare to get up from ashes so they can find beauty. I'm speaking to you. 

There is a high price to live your dream but in 2020, you can pay for it. 

It takes knowing what you want. Let's slow down a bit and allow you to take the time to dream. 

Take some time, as long as you need, and think: who do I want to be, come December 31?

• Do I want to be healthier? 

• Do I want to master a foreign language?

• Do I want to write a book? 

• Do I want to start my own business?

Take the time to dream about who you want to be by December 31. 

The small steps you will take to get there is the price you pay. 

I want to run a marathon by December 31. The high price I pay is waking up early to train. I pay that high price of not being able to eat whatever I want. I pay the high price of self-discipline in every area of my life, mind included. All because I want to run a marathon come December 31. 

It's a high price and I sometimes wonder why I decided to sign up. I know I want to challenge myself to become better. 

Back to you and your dreams. You can be what God called you to be. You have what it takes to accomplish your dreams. Take time to dream. Take small steps and you will live your dream.