Marathon Training 2020: weeks 1-8

Saturday, October 3, 2020

I'm back at marathon training! I've been so busy I'm just now getting to tell you all about it. I signed up to run the Dallas Marathon. 

I've never ran the Dallas Marathon, so I was actually looking forward to it. Marathons are being canceled left and right so for 7-8 weeks, we held on strong to the conviction that we would run the event. 

This season, my training is going well. I've been running during the week and I am also lifting weights. The weight lifting helped me a lot last season, so I decided to stay faithful to what works. 

I also worked on losing weight so I'd start the season lighter than last time. Also, moving to a place that's incredibly hilly has made me stronger. There are no flat routes in this place. Hill training is built-in and you have to adapt if you want to endure. 

I'm also eating better and fueling my runs well. 
This week, a big surprise happened: the Dallas Marathon became a virtual marathon. They also postponed it to the Spring. I decided to sign up to BCS, which organizers say is happening for sure. 

I was so sure Dallas was happening but when the unexpected happens, we adapt. 

This weekend we finally hit the 13.1 distance. I haven't run this distance in a long time. I'm coming in rested and with a good mindset. The run actually went well. My mindset is: on to the next week!

Last night I worked on my pace goal for the marathon. I can certainly do it. I just need to think like a person who PRs right now. 

I asked for extra help with nutrition. I'm doing well but I can do even better. 

Well friends, that's it for now. I'll come back with more training news another time.