Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 25, 2020

1. Trust in God is the best antidote for adversity. Trust God's guidance. He makes a way, even in the midst of adversity. His ways are not like ours. He can be trusted. Even now. 

2. Words fail me sometimes. Not the words themselves but people's capacity to hear them. I've learned that escaping to the world of written words is a great idea. I've learned to take a trip to the library where I can find refuge in the written word. Reading gives me an avenue to guide and process my own words. Writing helps me the same way. 

3. The heart of a friend is a sanctuary for feelings I can't quite process. There's solace there. Refuge and strength can be found. Even if my problems do not disappear, I can count on a friend to listen and to understand those feelings unsaid. 

4. Some people take more of an interest in who I am than others. When I look back, I can identify people who invested decades, if not their entire life in my well-being. They love me for who I am. They see who I can become. These people freely give all they are and have to see me succeed. I am grateful for my family. 

5. If your goal is a destination, then there's no direct flight to get there. What to do? Prepare for the journey anyway. I've had to take quite a few connecting flights to my destination. At times, I was tired of traveling and thought I would never get there. But I kept going. Right now, I am close to reaching two wellness goals. I can look back and say, I'm glad I didn't stop. I'm not turning back until I get to where I am going. 

6. During difficult weeks, I've learned to rely on God and family for prayer, comfort, purpose and understanding. The internet (with all due respect) cannot offer me any of that. I prefer to process my troubles privately. I agreement with my readers is, if there's a lesson I fully learned, I will gladly share it to give hope. 

7. The holiday season is upon us. Well, kind of. Here is what I am asking myself: how does what I went through in 2020 can inform the way I go through this holiday season? How will it inform my Worship? How can I treasure this season's stories, songs, sounds, savor, smells? I'll write about this in-depth in a later post.